not my thing but, u kno

2016, performance

Laser, RGB LED modules, arduino, fans, custom software, spatial sound, wax, fluorescent tubes.


Political speeches, especially those of Trump, sound like contrived and incomprehensible noise. This performance emerges out of that political noise and materializes into an audio­visual storm. Using a spatial sound setup and custom programmed LED modules and lasers, the visual elements will absorb, envelope, and eat away at the space, creating an immersive environment.


The entire performance develops like a crescendo, with sound and light engulfing the spectators as it travels through the space. The multi­speaker setup will generate multiple layers of sound at alternating speeds—the varied speeds interacting and working against one another. The light will build violently through spasmodic intervals of colour and speed, finally culminating in a fierce wind flow that will move through the space.


Every element of the performance will be controlled live—the artist performing and controlling the spectators’ experience. The act of being in the space during the performance will be disorienting, bringing the audience into the very eye of the storm, a calm and meditative space around which chaos rotates.


For this performance Poul Holleman created custom made software for the spatial sound and wind generator.