21 Days

Aysegul Demirhan & Nikki Hock x Parrish Smith

2020, Live AV installation,


glass filter, camera, custom software, 8.2 audio


21 Days is a live AV installation specifically designed for Dekmantel Festival 2020.


21days tries to investigate the notion of horror in art by using such examples that are interwoven with the genre itself. Some components of this genre can be seen as the embodiment of the social anxiety.

Emphasising this anxiety in visual forms is a way to create some sort of speculation beyond the conscious. Thus -profoundly- it can comment on important concerns such as; the annihilation of conscious and collective fear and deconstructing the urban forms & nature, by transforming them into political discourses.


The haunting sequence of the footage captures an anxious dream-like state in order to highlight the collective memories of fear-culture and interpret them by deconstructing or playing along with the concepts such as--on tangible level, the public spheres and urbanisation, and on a more psychological level our intellect. Therefore, the fear; built around taboos, terror, violence is all part of one stigmatisation that is the scepticism of mind.


In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity – Sun Tzu