4DSOUND HQ ArtQuarterBudapest

2015, installation

neon, haze


At the 4DSOUND Headquarters in Art Quarter Budapest (AQB) Nikki created this light installation to emphasise the spacious quality of the venue and its structure. In all its simplicity, the design—based on the vibrant quality of neon—strips down the space to its bare architecture. In contrast to stressing the dimensionality of the room, an intimate environment is created for the collective experience of being in a space while being immersed in sound and light. The focus is not on the artwork, but on the experience of the observer being immersed within a space—engulfed by a landscape of sound and light in which these elements exist as entities. The infinite quality of the space was constructed through the absence and hiding of elements, rather than the addition of materials. The neon light source was hidden so that it would not forcefully orient the observer and distract from the listening experience that is the essence of the 4D experience. The light creates a new or alternate sense of spatiality, one that triggers sensitivity, awareness and, above all, heightens the auditory experience.