4DSOUND x ytho x TodaysArt

Circadian, Techno is space

2015, performance

digital LED, steel, haze, sound


In collaboration with 4DSOUND, Nikki created a site­specific light installation for TodaysArt festival in Den Haag. This project was developed at the 4DSOUND headquarters in Amsterdam over a series of seven performances and was then reconfigured for the TodaysArt festival. According to scientific research, light impulse frequencies and shifting colour tones may have a direct effect on the brain waves of spectators, causing a neural feedback and stimulation of trance­like, or meditative, mental states.The aim of the installation was to emphasize the spatial qualities, structure, and spaciousness of the venue—de electriciteitsfabriek—and to  explore expanding spatiality through means of light and sound. In addition to emphasizing the dimensionality of the space, Nikki wanted to create an intimate environment for the collective experience of being immersed in the forms and fields of sound and light. Within the infinite space of de electriciteitsfabriek, the spatial nature of the sound installation was paralleled by the spatial qualities that emerged out of the emitted light.