2018, spatial AV installation, w/ Sébastien Robert


fibre optic cable, laser, hazer, custom strobes, custom software and spatial sound


Multiverse is a spatial light and sound installation by artist Nikki Hock, which he specifically designed for De Tuin at De School in Amsterdam. This work is part of the Present Progressive exhibition, which focuses on the idea of ‚Utopia‘ and its inherent failure. Utopia, derived from the Greek ‚u‘ (non) and ‚topos‘ (place), literally means ‚non-place‘; something that will never become a reality by definition.

De Tuin is a place that offers visitors a chance to momentarily withdrawl from the frenetic turmoil of the restaurant or club nights. Remote form the noise of the city and the club it forms an oasis within the universe of De School. The installation aims to take a step further, by creating another dimension within this oasis - an extra-terrestrial landscape, in which the visitor can immerse herself, and, for a moment, glimpse at reality from a different perspective. The carefully composed flashes that shoot across the trees, combined with the particular sound of the space, create an atmosphere that emphasize the ‚here and now‘ of the garden. As with a storm, the hypnotic, pulsating pattern of white lines mimic thunderbolts that at one moment crack up the sky only to fade away in the next. Thereby, the works’ spatial components invoke an eerie feeling, while simultaneously creating a second layer of reality that gives space for reflection.