2018, Live AV, w/ SK U Kno

35 min.

TodaysArt Festival in collaboration with SOCIÉTÉ DES ARTS TECHNOLOGIQUES [SAT]

360° Full dome real-time projection, custom software and sound



There is an infinite beauty that exists within natural disasters, like the eruption of a volcano. As terrifying and brutal as its forces actually are, they are simultaneously soothing and satisfying to stare at. The sight of molten hot liquid, flowing in red rivers down the alien landscape of black hills has a hypnotising and numbing effect.


In their submersive audiovisual work Saevio, Nikki Hock and SK U Kno aim to achieve this very sense of satisfaction through a totalising and overwhelming experience. Coercing peace through the distortion of disaster. Chaos through the distortion of peace. This work is defined by its incongruities and contradictions. Surrounded by abstracted and distorted visuals of natural forces and catastrophes, the artists’ intention is to immerse the spectator in a new kind of landscape.


With generative real time visuals, Hock transports the audience into a vacuum of chaos and catastrophe—forcing them to completely give into dominating (earthly) powers. With the sound compositions, SK U Know creates catharsis via channels of tension, obscurity, and imposed randomness; instruments are run through various modifiers to obstruct a clear signal or phrase.


As both artists were exploring new working methods, coincidence brought SK U Kno and Nikki Hock together, resulting in this new work.